bila hudood security services

Obtaining an activity license

Securing and providing security guard service No. 36, category B issued

From the Ministry of Interior – Supreme Authority for Industrial Security

About Us

Our goal is to develop long-term strategic partnerships with our clients. With a wide range of security systems and products, we can help companies reach their security goals by increasing their revenue, reducing risk management costs, protecting critical assets, or improving service delivery to customers. We have 25 years of experience and have dealt with major companies

OUR Vision and Mission


Be theworld'smosttrusted services partner.


The company,through its unparalleled customer relationships, provides proactive solutions, cutting-edge smarttechnology, and tailored services that allowcustomers to focus on their core business.

Our Services

Guarding the security of airports and high-importance facilities

Our security guards are highly trained personnel who operate in a position of greatresponsibility. Many are current orformer military/law enforcement officials, and they have allreceived the requisite training and licensing in the course oftheir security responsibilities. Keeping people and property safe is ourtop priority.

Event Security Services

Special event security guards patrolthe grounds of event venues to defend against acts ofterrorism,theft, and other unlawful activity. Our special event security guards are qualified to operate at sports events, concerts, conferences, parties and other major gatherings.Depending on the nature ofthe event, ourteam starts preparing months before the event date to design a Security Management Plan thatis ready to deploy during the event.

Our partners